Air-Go Consultants was established in 1994, and in 1995 was licensed as customs agent. Air-Go Consultants is a private institution registered as a Company Limited.

Our Passion For What We Do

Right from inception; Air-Go Consultants was created to integrate imports and exports logistics solutions, providing services to both importers and exporters. The motivation behind it was to understand needs and preferences of these clients since the mainstream big logistics firms could not provide the kind of logistic services required effectively.


To be the leading Freight industry in the region and the entire world respected for Professionalism, Integrity, Efficiency and Social Responsible to the general society.


The freight industry, like so many others, has undeniably realized that ‘bigger is not better’ as so many shippers have suffered decreased services and services failures. Air-Go Consultants mission is to instill client confidence in service, quality and value. “Integrated Exports and Imports Logistics Solutions” at the highest level is our motto.

The freight industry can present an array of diverse problems to shippers requiring decisions and foresight from a company with extensive and intimate knowledge of the industry. Air-Go Consultants is such a company. Experience, resources, stability, and integrity as well as company mission consistently enabled maximized client satisfaction.

Air-Go Consultants has successfully performed for many Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations, such as Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd (KWAL), SOS-Kinderdorf International as well as over 20 private organizations. It has not only performed on time and on budget on behalf of these agencies and organizations, but has also received dozens of special commendations for outstanding work.

The exceptional value added elements that Air-Go Consultants brings its clients are an accomplished track record of successful project shipments, comprehensive communication with both the head office and field personnel and utilization of her state of the art management and tracking systems.

Important cost areas such as shipment loss or damage, port detention, project down-time and project management involvement are reduced and often eliminated by Air-Go Consultants International’s diligent planning, implementation and expert management.

Air-Go Consultants problem solving skills, both identifying potential issues that can arise and reacting to challenges from political strife or natural disasters, are applied to each facet and segment of the shipment to ensure on-time and cost effective delivery.