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Quality Policy

Air-Go Consultants takes pride in her corporate commitment to excellence following a strict ethical code while maintaining honesty and moral soundness.


To provide superior logistics services primarily to the regular importers/exporters customers including selected one time importer/exporter customers segments through an established regional network within East and Central Africa in a socially manner.

  • To develop new schemes and methods in order to be ahead of all know-how of modern world technologies in freight forwarding, expedition and transportation.
  • To implement and broaden new services (Multimodal, Door-to-Door Services, Less than Container Load / Full Container Load, others) based on just-in-time deliveries.
  • To employ the highly qualified personnel and provide training. Rotation of workers between different positions and departments is another merit of Air-Go Consultants, which helps the staff to be more skilled and sophisticated, to have chances for promotion and possibilities to substitute one another in case of necessity. Marketing surveys, market analysis and logistic schemes help the managers to carry out the international and inner transportations.
  • To draw as much attention to the Customer in order to meet his requirements and provide a qualified service for reasonable price and minimal risk. In terms of staffing, the choice has been made in favor of young, optimistic, dynamic and highly motivated candidates. The average age of staff is about 35. All workers are expected to be computer literate and know fluently English, French and Kiswahili languages. Serious intentions, experience and professional personnel in combination with permanent development give Air-Go Consultants a good chance to succeed and avoid the majority of problems. The main objective is to be one step ahead of the market changes and to improve the quality of service provided with optimization of time in transit for reasonable payment with the safety guarantee.


Air-Go Consultants has a broad range of initiatives that will sharpen its strategic focus on its core competency of providing delivery services by managing transport networks like Sea freight, Airfreight and Local Freight Management.

Air-Go Consultants has conducted a thorough strategic review of her businesses, focusing on defining her strengths and weaknesses, identifying the best opportunities to serve customers, grow business and create value for her investors. As a result, Air-Go Consultants have developed a set of clear initiatives that it believes will deliver value to shareholders – while not losing sight of other stakeholders.

Air-Go Consultants, a market leading freight forwarding and logistics service provider, has selected business intelligence for their global operations. This business intelligence is designed specifically to meet its freight and logistics solutions.

As mentioned earlier, Air-Go Consultants provides Airfreight, Sea freight and Logistics Services within an international network. Air-Go Consultants Freight Management has the competence to supply and combine freight services, information management and added value into integrated solutions.

Air-Go Consultants Future Plans

Air-Go Consultants is totally committed to continuous development to meet the constantly changing requirements of Global Transport Industry, and will take any challenge to establish as a Market Leader in the Region.

Air-Go Consultants Philosophy

Air-Go Consultants philosophy is simple – aims to achieve excellence in all aspects of her business, that is to say “operational excellence through commitment to high quality services while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the need to change.”
Operational excellence is accompanied by commercial excellence with an emphasis on being customer and market driven that means listening to her customers, understanding their problems and providing effective and value for money services.

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